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I really love playing Nascar Racing 3 /Nascar Legends on my PC. But i have a serious problem, which occurs sometimes:The game freezes for 5-7 seconds! During that freeze (hitting PAUSE has no effect), the game proceeds (with no visual proceeding of course) completely and my car is almost wrecked, when the freeze is over. :(By the way: The same problem occurs with Nascar Legends, which uses the same game engine like Nascar Racing 3.I have installed all the newest patches for both games!The problem is really strange. Sometimes, for 5,6 or 7 races (I always drive 100% race distance) the game runs completely fine without freezes. But all of a sudden, even 2 times in a race, the game freezes at no notice.Another appearance: After the freeze the dasboard has some graphic bugs. After hitting F1,F2 or F3 for example, they are completely gone. Hope, someone has an answer for me? 

My config:

Win 7 64 bit

ATI DX11 Graphic Card (1GB Ram)

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

NGlide 1.01 installed (the same occurs with NGlide 1.00)

NGlide config:

Screen Resolution: By app

Aspect Ratio: Fit to screen

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Vertic. Sync: On

Gamma: 1.0

3DFX Logo: On

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank You

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