Posted and Future Setups for any Nascar games posted here

Posted by Rockit_442 on December 29, 2016 at 6:05 AM

If any changes need to be made to a setup I've already posted, they will be highlighted in BOLD RED.

Keep in mind that the default setups for these games aren't too bad & can be used as a starting point to make a setup better. Start by changing simple things 1st, for example: Wedge, Tire Pressures, Trackbar, Steering Lock, and Swaybar, then moveup to more complicating settings like, Camber, Caster, Bump, Springs, Rebound, & Gear Ratios. The key is to change 1 thing at a time and test on the track after each change! Take notes on each change & whether it helps or hurts you. I know this seems like it takes an eternity to do this way, but is worth it in the long run!


I will be posting car setups in the forum section as I get time. If you have any requests for certain tracks, let me know & I will post them if I have them, & make changes to them later. There are a few tracks that I don't have yet, & the tracks I do have I'm trying to fine tune before I post them. The tracks that I don't have I will be doing some R&D on. These setups may or may not be faster than yours. This is just to get people who don't have good setups pointed in the right direction.


You should also note, that the setups posted on this website are with a standard PS3 Sixaxis controller & PS4 controller and may or may not work with the steering wheel!


If you have a setup that is better than mine, or one I don't have yet, please feel free to join my site and add your setup to the site! Or you can post a comment stating any changes you would make & why, to an existing setup. It also would be helpful to post the times that you got with a setup that you tried with the changes you made. I created this website to help everyone be competitive in the online racing world. Afterall, it is just a game & there is no prize or money for 1st. Just bragging rights! Lol!

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