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Eldora NH2


F Weight: 48.8

Wedge: 49.0

FRH: 4.000

RRH: 4.000


FL: 800

FR: 1000

RL: 450

RR: 450


LF: 20.00

RF: 25.00

LR: 20.00

RR: 25.00


LF Camber: 7.0

RF Camber: -7.0

Front Sway Bar: 1.500

Rear Sway Bar: None

Left Trackbar: 6.00

Right Trackbar: 8.50

Grill Tape: 0%

Steering Offset: 0.150

Note 1: This setup may need some adjustments depending on your driving style on dirt

Note 2: I am only listing the changes I made, if you don't see a particular setting above, it is because I didn't change it and left it at default.

Note 3: This setup was made on a PS4 with a controller, and may or may not work on a different system or with a steering wheel.



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